Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord is a cross-disciplinary artist whose practice is informed by research and critical dialogue with materials and climate science, through investigation into air, both materially, and culturally.  Exploring air as both a dynamic physical material, as well as an amorphous subconscious site to project imagination, Parsons-Lord considers scale between the individual and the planet.  The air of each exhaled word from a politician talking about climate change is about 100 times richer in carbon dioxide. Roughly 21 shallow breaths a minute—depending on the politician—over 100 minutes uses about 5,250 litres of air. Dank air. Our Fetid Rank responds to the aesthetics of anthropogenic climate change. Alongside the tropes of retreating glaciers and melting icebergs is always a politician talking. Captured is the air used to physically shape the words that constitute cyclical discourses, futile dialogues and fervent denials of climate change.

Emily Parsons-Lord, Our Fetid Rank (Margaret Thatcher’s bottom lip and Bill Clinton’s tongue), 2015, video, duration 5:05 mins. Courtesy of the artist.