Heath Franco

Heath Franco’s practice largely takes the form of video, although his process of production and exhibition is also concerned with photography, performance, costuming, sound, media, digital media, special effects and installation. He creates screen-based works that are structured with respect to flow and rhythm rather than traditional plot narrative and that in turn attract and repulse through a mix of curious aesthetic, catchy jingles and absurd, at times grotesque, performances. Repetition is a consistent feature of Franco’s works produced in recent years, along with a psychotropic sensibility and use of himself as sole performer.

In HOME TOWN TWO, Heath Franco returns to his childhood home of Berridale, NSW to take care of unfinished business. HOME TOWN TWO harks back to two times past to reveal a greater breadth and depth to the work’s initial iteration.

Heath Franco, HOME TOWN TWO, 2016, HD video, duration 9:47 mins. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney.

TELEVISIONS is a linear exploration across several fictitious television channels—a kind of time-based digital landscape. The ‘look’ of Australian commercial network television is loosely referenced— it’s logos/symbols, jingles, framing techniques, advertisements and media personalities feature in subverted forms. Imaginations on the notion of static as the remnants of ‘big bang’ matter and the mysterious featureless spaces existing between channels are also explored.

Heath Franco, TELEVISIONS, 2013, HD Digital Video, stereo sound, 16:9, duration 12:17 mins. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney.