Thomson & Craighead

Six Years of Mondays (2013) is a documentary artwork showing a series of recordings of the weather sourced online. The footage was recorded and uploaded by a man called Graham Smith living in the Scottish kingdom of Fife, who has been making time-lapse recordings of the view from his bedroom window everyday from 6am to 6pm since 2006. The short video work takes us through a visualisation of six years of Mondays, often thought of as the most dreaded day of the week, as attested to by being the weekday with the highest rate of suicide. The years are shown in sequence with the footage for every Monday tiled consecutively across the screen from left to right, top to bottom. Each year is sound-tracked differently, offering a range of frameworks for locating and interpreting this specific contemplative landscape. For instance, 2008 is set against the sounds of Jupiter, locating Fife within an inter-planetary context, while the Indonesian gamelan music of 2010 connects it to the culture of the opposite point on the globe.

Thomson & Craighead, Six Years of Mondays, 2013, single channel video, duration 11:09 mins. Photo by Ruth Clark. Courtesy of the artists and Carroll / Fletcher, London.