Tim Bruniges

Tim Bruniges is a Sydney based visual artist and musician. Often taking the form of site-specific installations, his works attempt to create situations that allow for a disruption of temporal experience.

In Horses, “Bruniges has slowed the footage intensely, so each frame of the film occupies one second—time slows, warps, distorts the small moving parts of the image (a turned head or windswept tail). Within this slowed-down environment, every movement creates a strange, beautiful distortion: a horse’s face is suddenly blurred, indefinite, impressionistic. Minor movements become small, vivid smears, transforming the video’s crisp photographic composure. The video—horses’ minor gestures, slight shifts in a larger collective body—unfolds gradually before the camera, the viewer. In the work, Bruniges has not only slowed and stretched the footage (which he shot several years ago in Iceland), but also looped it forwards-to-backwards: movements are made and unmade, never quite repeating. Time folds back on itself, not linear but layered and elastic.” [Dana Kopel]

Tim Bruniges, Horses, 2015, HD generated video, multichannel sound, infinite duration. Courtesy of the artist.